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As a senior and professional game art outsourcing production service provider, Char has its program team, which can assist you to complete the VR turnkey full process solution customization, XBOX PS PC MOBILE, and other games for any platform (cell phone (Android, Apple), PC (steam, etc.), console (Xbox/PS4/PS5/SWITCH, etc.), handheld, cloud games, etc.) We provide a complete set of art solutions for game development, covering 2D concept art, UI, 3D characters, 3D scenes, ground coding, action, and special effects, and can also assist you to complete the production or technical support of some art resources in game development, presenting beautiful and competitive game graphics for your game production and development, and providing professional and excellent services and technical support.
We Sheer are committed to producing high-quality custom game development and can help you with all your game development work, from design, programming to art production. Whether you currently have a product direction or an initial idea for a game genre, or a detailed game project proposal, please contact us and we can be your excellent partner.
We are adept at using professional engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity. Artists are familiar with game development for home console platforms and mobile platforms. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality project production solutions, from pre-concept to post-engine integration, to perfectly integrate culture and technology to bring virtual worlds to life.
Sheer had complete experience in game production, including the engine of card-based handheld games, economic charging system, how to start operation activities after launch, providing service support, conducting version iteration/porting, etc.