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3D Scene Artist


● Produce models and textures for objects, and environments for real-time 3D game engines
● Design and produce game menus and user interfaces


● College degree or above in Arts or Design major including Architecture Design, Industrial design or textile design)
● Sound knowledge about 2D design, painting and textures
● Good command of common 3D software editors usage such as Maya or 3D Max
● Passionate and motivated to join the game industry
● Skills in English is a plus but not compulsory

Lead 3D Artist


● In charge of a team of 3D character, environment or vehicle artists and related real-time 3D game projects.
● Improving level and map art and design by active input and participation in creative discussion.
● Taking responsibility of management and giving training to other team members in your projects.


● Bachelors degree (art related major) with at least 5+ years of 3D art or design experience, and also familiar with 2D design including painting, textures, etc.
● Strong command of at least one 3D software program (3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, etc.) and good knowledge of drawing software in general.
● In possession of game software production experience, including game technology and restraints and integrating art elements into game engines.
● Good knowledge of different art styles and able to adapt artistic styles as required by each project.
● Good management and communication skills Good command of written and spoken English.
● Please attach your portfolio together with CVs to apply for this position

3D Technical Artist


● Day-to-day support of our art teams – inside and outside the 3D application.
● Creation of basic automation scripts, small tools inside and outside the 3D application.
● Installation and troubleshooting of art software, plugins and scripts.
● Supporting producers and team leaders in planning deployment of tools.
● Train art teams in use of specific tools and best practices.


● Good verbal and written communication skills.
● English and Mandarin Chinese skills required.
● Good knowledge of Maya or 3D Studio Max.
● Basic / Intermediate knowledge of 3D Studio Max script, MEL or Python.
● General MS Windows and IT troubleshooting skills.
● Knowledge of revision control systems, such as Perforce.
● Ndepedent.
● Pro-active, showing initiative.


● DOS Batch programming or Windows Powershell.
● Networking knowledge (e.g. Windows, TCP/IP).
● Shipped a game as technical artist.
● Game engine experience, e.g. Unreal, Unity.
● Rigging and animation knowledge.


● A portfolio is required for this position. There is no specific format, but it has to be representative, showing your skills and experience. When submitting individual pieces scripts, images or videos, you must submit a document explaining your contribution and the nature of the piece, e.g. title, software used, professional or personal work, purpose of the script, etc.
● Please make sure code is well documented (Chinese or English, English preferred).

Art Director


● Foster a positive and creative environment for your team of Artists on exciting new game projects
● Provide artistic oversight, conducting reviews, critiques, discussion and providing direction to achieve the highest quality of artistic and technical standards
● Identify and report project risks in a timely manner and propose mitigation strategies
● Manage communication with partners in terms of project progress and artistic matters
● Instill best practices through mentoring and training
● Conduct due diligence for new business opportunities if and when requested
● Demonstrate good leadership, charisma, enthusiasm, and sense of commitment
● Establish art production pipelines in coordination with other disciplines and partners
● Collaborate with Directors to set, assess and improve internal processes, as well as studio growth strategy
● Work closely with other AD’s to share knowledge and best practices and help drive a culture of leadership, proactivity, ownership and accountability
● Research cutting-edge technologies for application within the games industry


● At least 5 years of leadership experience in the games industry
● At least 10 years of experience with various game styles including AA/AAA titles across major platforms and comprehensive knowledge spanning different art disciplines
● An outstanding portfolio demonstrating high-quality work
● Expert level with one or more mainstream 3D packages (Maya, 3DSMax, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter, etc)
● Recent experience in console development with at least one shipped AA/AAA title
● Well versed in creating and optimizing art pipelines
● Exceptional management and communication skills
● Bilingual Mandarin Chinese, a plus

3D Character Artist


● Produce model and texture of 3D character, object, scene in real-time 3D game engine
● Understand and follow art requirements and specific needs of the project
● Promptly learn any new tools or techniques
● Execute tasks assigned to him according to project schedule while meeting quality expectations
● Using Checklist perform initial art and technical quality checks before sending art asset to the Team Leader for review
● Fix all problems noted by Producer, Team Leader, Art Director or Client
● Promptly report to Team Leader about any difficulties encountered


● Proficient in the following 3D software (3D Studio Max, Maya, Zbrush, Softimage, etc.);
● Proficient in 2D design, painting, drawing, etc.;
● College degree or above (art-related majors) or graduates from art-related colleges (including architectural design, industrial design, textile/fashion design, etc.);
● Good command of one of the 3D software usage such as Maya, 3D Max, Softimage, and Zbrush
● Has knowledge about 2D design, painting, texture, etc.
● Passionate and motivated to join Game Industry
● College above in Arts or Design major including Architecture Design, Industrial design or textile design)

3D Game Lighting Artist


● Create and maintain all elements of lighting including dynamic, static, cinematic, and character setups.
● Work with Art Leads to create compelling and dramatic lighting scenarios for gameplay and cinematics.
● Ensure a high level of quality while maintaining a full production load.
● Work collaboratively with other departments, especially VFX and Technical Artists.
● Anticipate, identify, and report any potential production problems and communicate those to the Lead.
● Ensure that lighting assets meet runtime and disk budgeting requirements.
● Maintain a balance between visual quality and performance requirements.
● Match the established visual style for the game with lighting execution.
● Develop and implement new techniques into the lighting pipeline.
● Stay current with industry lighting techniques.
● Work in and maintain an efficient organization structure for all lighting assets.


● Summary of requirements:
● 2+ years of experience as a lighter in the games industry or related positions and fields.
● Exceptional eye for color, value and composition expressed through lighting.
● A strong knowledge of color theory, post-process effects and strong sense of light and shadow.
● Working knowledge of creating lighting within a pre-baked light-map pipeline.
● Knowledge of optimization techniques for real time engines like Unreal, Unity, CryEngine, etc.
● Understanding of PBR rendering and the interaction between materials and lighting.
● Ability to follow concept/reference and the ability to work within a wide range of styles with minimal direction.
● Understanding of real-world lighting values and exposure, and how they affect an image.
● Self-motivated and able to work and solve problems with minimal assistance.
● Excellent communication and organization skills.
● A strong personal portfolio showcasing lighting techniques.

Bonus Skills:

● General knowledge of other skills (modeling, texturing, vfx, etc).
● Interested in the study and expression of light through photography or painting is a plus.
● Experience using an industry standard renderer like Arnold, Renderman, V- ray, Octane, etc.
● Training in traditional art mediums (painting, sculpting, etc.)