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3D Characters

3D Character is the core and soul in a virtual world that supports games to win over and maintain players. Our 3D Character team has 17-year art expertise experience and has ensured multi cutting-edge skills through full training and practical works. We are flexible in best 3D Characters production for all art styles for all types of games on all platforms.

To meet the needs of developers with different art styles, Sheer’s 3D Character team is capable of producing 3D Characters in different approaches. For both Next-gen and hand-painted characters, our modelers have profound understanding and diverse experience in Chinese and overseas titles and can support all mobile games with our long-term experience and high-level production.

We deeply and precisely understand Chinese and international clients’ art needs, and can produce game-ready character assets for Unity, Unreal and other engines. Our 3D Character team have profound perception into character concept and can also make rational judgement and design. We care about how the characters function in a gameplay and instill our insight into the creation of characters.

With efficient modeling and precise carving techniques, Sheer’s modelers are masters in tools as 3D Max and Maya, Zbrush, etc. And our texture artists are highly proficient in Photoshop and other painting tools. In our 3D Character team, 35+% of artists have 5+ years of expertise and are able to create characters to fit right in your games.