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UI design

UI is the overall design of human-computer interaction, operation logic and beautiful interface in game software. In game design, the design of interface, icons, and character costumes will change with the changes of the game plot. It mainly includes splash, menu, button, icon, HUD, etc.

And the biggest meaning of our UI setting is to let users feel a flawless immersive experience. The game UI is designed to amplify the game narrative and make it easy and unobstructed to interact with the characters. We will develop UI elements to better suit your game theme and maintain the essence of your game mechanics.

Currently, the level of UI design of many games is still at a relatively primary stage, and most designs are only measured based on basic functions and "beautiful" benchmarks, ignoring the operational needs of different users, which are either tedious or borrowed from masterpieces. Lack of its own game features. Sheer's game UI design constantly refers to the knowledge of psychology, engineering and other multidisciplinary fields, and discusses the complex relationship between games, players, and design team from multiple perspectives. Sheer pays great attention to artistic aesthetics, professional technology, psychological emotions, etc., and constantly develops the game UI from multiple perspectives.

We will design from your point of view and the player's point of view. Through the UI, we will tell the player what is happening in the game world in front of him, what the player needs to do, what the player can get here, what the goal is, and what will be faced in the future, etc. a lot of information. This immerses the player in the game world.

Sheer has excellent UI/UX designers. Their work is critical, and it is through their work that the initial user interaction takes place. UX designers make the user's path through the game easy and seamless.

Sheer pays attention to details, strives for perfection, and creates stylish, distinctive and suitable designs, and we have always believed that doing a good job in the game UI can enhance the player's sense of pleasure when they experience the game and make it easier for them to master the gameplay. Looking forward to cooperating with you very much.