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Level Production

Sheer has 5 years+ exp in level art production on multiple platforms including mobile, PC and console projects for our key global and local clients and we are authorized by our clients to use their customized game engine with the same pipeline and tools deployed internally. We have an experienced TA, IT and PM team who can back up our art team on also popular engine level art projects such as unreal and Unity. For example, we can use perforce, JIRA and Shotgun to manage the projects well in daily work. Our PM, lead artist and TA can use slack or teams to communicate with our clients well on daily work.

Generally, Before start making levels, gather as much information about the game as possible and we can consult the official documents of the game from our clients (Graphic Bible , Game Design Document , Kick off PPT etc.) Then learn about the game type, feature, benchmark games and define our target customer with our clients. We’ll also confirm the game camera contents such as combined with CHA or ENV, controlled by player or level design, camera close to the object etc. We’ll identify what is the key factors for our client because every client/project has its own focus and features. For level design requirement, we need understand gameplay and confirm level design requirement with the client such as Metrics, camera, interactive object etc. We also conduct regular meetings such as weekly/monthly are important for milestone check. We’ll finish the mockup which is a visual layout of the entire level made by a level artist based on a template. It contains the proportions, visual composition, lighting atmosphere, desired emotions, and more for each flow. Mock-UP is made by the level artist and it goes from the "3D Template/Whitebox" stage to the "Alpha Gameplay" stage.