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VR/Metaverse Content Customization & Co-Dev

Back in 2016, when immersive technologies were only starting to gain momentum, Sheer has already delivered our first VR and AR projects to our global and local clients. We has developed some well-known VR games such as famous Swords VR version and popular FPS-VR games. We spent around 100 man-month to finish the whole development work with the dev team. Today, the XR market is strong as never before. Due to COVID-19, both startups and huge multinational enterprises shift towards remote work and seek reinvention of their processes. Even the Internet itself is changing, shifting from a mostly static environment, where users are mere observers, to the metaverse, an immersive and interactive 3D virtual space that one can shape at will. The leaders of tech innovations, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Epic Games have already bet on metaverse and now actively invest in its development. With more than 6 years of experience and over a dozen of successful XR projects in our portfolio, our studio is capable of helping you transform your business and make us of limitless possibilities of the metaverse. Our team bears expertise in creating immersive solutions for multiple industries for creating digital contents and we are itching to take on another challenging task! Our technical experts work closely with your team and leverage the power of Unreal Engine and Unity to develop VR solutions that perfectly fit your needs and seamlessly integrate into your business processes.

Our mission is to help video game developers create more blockbuster games with top quality. With a culture focus on excellence, Sheer excels in co-development and offering complete level design and some porting games with our clients. We have the ability to build the desired parts of game for our clients and bring our own highly technical and experienced teams to the mix, we enable our clients to save precious time that would otherwise be spent on complex production management.