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2.5D Art

Pre-rendering refers to a special rendering style of non-realistic art, which resolves the basic appearance of three-dimensional objects into the flat color and outline, so that the object will achieve a 3D perspective while presenting a 2D effect. The pre-rendering art can perfectly combine the stereoscopic sense of 3D with the color and vision of 2D images. Compared with plane 2D or 3D art, pre-rendering art can maintain the art style of 2D concept and simultaneously reduce the cost by shortening the production period to a certain extent. If you want to obtain a high-quality product in short time, pre-rendering art will be an ideal choice since it can produce with high efficiency using simpler material and lower level of hardware.

We have participated in various pre-rendering projects from many game developers for over 17 years and accumulated plenty of successful cases. Our experienced designers are highly proficient in various 3D modeling and mapping software. We can adapt to various production styles and provide solutions with diverse styles of game art according to developers’ specific requirements. From modeling to rendering, we can restore 3D model and mapping according to the concept design and modify the rendered products. Also, we strictly follow the guide of customer’s production specifications and carefully review our products at each production stage. We can ensure the quality of game art and bring a better visual experience to players by showing amazing 3D performance in 2D games and unifying game graphics style. We offer exquisite services and are willing to support your games to achieve better competitiveness in the market.