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Motion Capture with Cast and Mocap Cleanup

In July 2019, SHEER's exclusive motion capture studio was officially established. So far, this is the largest and most professional motion capture studio in Southwest China.

Sheer's special motion capture booth is 4 meters high and covers an area of nearly 300 square meters. 16 Vicon optical cameras and high-end motion capture equipment with 140 lighting points are set up in the booth to accurately capture the optical movements of many people on the screen. It can efficiently meet the full range of production needs of various AAA games, CG animations and other animations.

In order to provide higher quality art services, SHEER has built a unique motion capture production system, which can quickly output FBX data by reducing redundant workload, and connect UE4, Unity and other engines in real time, which greatly saves customers' time in game development. Manpower and time costs, solve problems for customers. At the same time, we can also support data cleaning and motion refinement, so as to polish finer motion effects and ensure high-quality animation products.

In addition to cutting-edge equipment and first-class technology, SHEER has a team of more than 300 contracted actors, including FPS action soldiers, ancient/modern dancers, athletes, etc. As the objects of animation capture, these can accurately capture all kinds of motion data displayed by professionals, perfectly restore the complex and precise movements of various characters in different scenes, and show their body styles.

In recent years, the requirements for 3D production in game development have become higher and higher, and game animation is gradually moving closer to film and television. Therefore, it is particularly important to be able to use motion capture technology flexibly to improve production efficiency. SHEER's animation team has always been aiming to be the industry leader, committed to continuous improvement and innovation of technical capabilities, to provide our clients with the most professional and enthusiastic animation production, beyond your imagination, to create infinite possibilities and we are always ready.