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Posters and Illustrations

The main purpose of game promotional posters and illustrations is to promote the game. Game promotional posters and illustrations can perfectly display the game's art design to players through the screen, showing a visual sense that attracts players. In the early stage of the game's release, high-quality promotional posters and illustrations that match the game's content can leave a deep first impression on players, greatly increasing players' expectations for the game. During the launch of the game, high-quality promotional posters and illustrations can also play a role in raising players' attention and stimulating players' desire to buy when the version is updated or when activities are carried out. Game promotional posters and illustrations are a very valuable means of publicity.

Sheer's publicity art team has gathered outstanding game art artists in the industry. With years of accumulated production experience, we can match the design according to the customer's game style and ensure high-quality art works that customers are satisfied with. We can produce traditional and modern styles, Chinese style, European and American style, Japanese and Korean style and other styles of products to meet the publicity needs of various types of games such as realistic games, two-dimensional games, and VR games.

From the initial sketch design, to the whole process of modification and finished product, we maintain close communication with customers. We will provide customers with customized promotional posters or illustration services based on customer needs and game promotional content. At Sheer, you can not only gain a positive user experience, but also find long-term stable partners. We will serve you wholeheartedly, deliver high-quality works, and look forward to working with you.