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3D Environment/Character Photogrammetry

3D scene and character photogrammetry modeling technology refers to a series of processes such as panoramic shooting of reference objects, automatic modeling, ZBrush detail repair, model topology low-poly production, UV split normal baking, PBR intelligent material production, and simulator observation effects. , extract real scenes and characters (such as common elements in games: ground cover, rocks, low vegetation, large plants, various props, and characters' faces, skin, clothing, etc.), and decompose them into direct Model resources used in game projects can be freely combined to create ever-changing scenes.

Compared with traditional modeling, 3D scanning modeling extracts the outline and material of the model by shooting real scenes, props, and characters, and automatically completes the creation of the bold model by the software, skipping the time-consuming and laborious modeling process. A high-quality model can be completed after detailed repair, rerouting, material mapping and other processes, and the greater the model demand, the more time saved by 3D scanning technology, especially for AAA games that require a large number of models. 3D scanning modeling technology can not only optimize the workflow, improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also preserve the rich details of real scenes that cannot be matched by artificial models.

Sheer has a professional 3D scanning team, professional 3D scanning equipment, mature equipment construction, shooting skills and site survey technology, rich experience in real scene and character scanning and extraction, and supports from shooting - 3D scanning - model adjustment - Full-process service for engine testing. Using 3D scanning technology, processed by software such as Reality Capture, ZBrush, Maya, SD, SP, etc., to produce independent models or PBR intelligent material templates, to achieve efficient production, and to present high-precision, high-fidelity, and detailed 3D scenes and character models. We provide you with 3D scanning modeling services with strong scene texture, highly realistic reproduction, uniform lighting effects, rich shadow details, coordinated model scale structure, and high overall consistency.