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2D character/environment Concept

Sheer brings your world and characters into reality with our creative work on character and environment concept.

The high-quality art design is attributed to our talented concept artists, who can interpret clients' descriptions and ideas with visual representations of different game art elements. Sheer has a mature concept team with over 300 concept artists. Our artists could easily create various art styles that are common and uncommon on the market. Currently, after involved in over 1,000 games, our creative ideas and good skills are something game asset production teams rely on.

We are proficient in 2D art pipeline processes for all types of projects and understand the importance of time-to-market, so we built processes to simplify workflows, allow for rapid team expansion, and build flexible processes to dynamically adapt to new needs.

Throughout the production process, we provide art direction, confirm stylistic consistency, and provide you with exceptional visual effects. If you have needs and ideas in this area, please trust SHEER, we have the talent, technology and ability to create impressive artwork and design memorable characters, objects, environments and new worlds for you appreciate. We believe that aesthetic pleasure is as important as entertainment.