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Game Animation Services (maya, max, rigging/skinning)

In addition to static art, motion is also an integral part. Game animation is designed to give vivid body language to 3D or 2D characters, which is the soul of game work. The action is convincing to make the characters really come to life, and our animators are good at bringing vivid life to the characters under them.

Sheer has a mature animation production team of more than 130 people. The services include but are not limited to: binding, skinning, character action, facial skinning, cutscenes and a series of high-quality full-process services. The corresponding software and bones include but are not limited to : maya, 3Dsmax, Motionbuilder, human Ik, character studio, advanced skeleton rig, etc. In the past 16 years, we have provided action production for countless top games at home and abroad, and are well received by customers. Through our professional services, we can greatly save labor costs and time costs in the development process, improve development efficiency, and provide high-quality finished animations to help you on the road of game development.

Before making animations, first of all, our binding team will use 3dmax and maya to make skins, bind bones, manipulate shapes, and provide realistic and vivid expressions for characters through blendshapes, laying a solid and reliable foundation for animation production. The animation team is large and uses the most advanced tools and technologies such as maya or Blender to create smooth and lifelike 2D/3D animations in batches according to your various requirements, injecting passion and soul into the game. At the same time, we are able to handle a variety of different game styles. Realistic actions of characters, animals and beasts are our areas of expertise, as are the types of 2D animation. Whether it's a powerful martial arts fight or a graceful and agile flight, or the emotional details and the exaggeration full of middle and second feelings, it can be perfectly reproduced for you.