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UI=User Interface, that is, “user interface design”.
If you open the game you have played in the past 24 hours, from the login interface, operation interface, interaction interface, game props, skill icons, ICON, all these designs belong to the game UI. in other words, more than half of your work in the process of playing the game is dealing with the UI, whether it is cleverly designed, clear and smooth, largely affects your game experience.
Game UI design is neither a “game designer” nor a “UI Designer”.
To simply break down the game and UI design to understand.
-Games, i.e., the process of human entertainment.
UI design refers to the overall design of human-computer interaction, operation logic, and interface aesthetics of software.
By combining the two definitions, it can be concluded that game UI design allows players to interact with the game for entertainment through interface design.
From the interface comparison between other UI and game UI, we can see that the UI design of mobile internet applications or traditional software almost takes up the entire visual performance of the whole product, while game UI design only presents a part of the game art.
Game UI interface
The UI design of mobile internet applications or traditional software usually highlights information and follows the trend, while the game UI icons, interface borders, logins, and other most common things need to be hand-drawn. And it requires designers to understand the game’s worldview and to use their imagination according to the game’s unique art style.
Other types of UI design carry the content of their products themselves, while game UI carries the content and gameplay of the game, which essentially guide users and players to a smoother operation. The characteristics of the game itself also determine the difference between game UI design and other UI designs in terms of visual performance, complexity, and working style.

The game UI is characterized by the following three aspects.
1. Different visual performance
Since the visual style of game UI must be designed with the artistic style of the game itself, it requires more design ability, hand-drawing ability, and understanding of the game for the designer. Good artistic drawing skills, psychological principles, and human-computer interaction knowledge can enable designers to improve the accuracy and usability of the design from the design principles and user psychology.
2. Different levels of complexity
In terms of massively online multiplayer games, the game itself is more complex visually, logically, and quantitatively because it is equivalent to a huge world with a complete worldview and complex storytelling. And players are guided by the game UI as soon as they enter the game world, so the game UI will have higher standards in terms of interaction, visuals, and creativity.
3. Different working methods
Game UI design not only needs to understand the positioning of game products and the game planning’s generalization of the gameplay system but also needs to understand the abstract concepts of different game art worlds and finally visualize them graphically. A good ability to control the progress can prompt the designer to arrange the time more reasonably to ensure the efficiency and quality of work.
No matter what UI is, its final presentation is a visual presentation, for game UI requirements may be a little higher, not only requires higher artistic drawing skills but also has to understand some psychological principles and human-computer interaction and so on more knowledge.
In unity3d, we often need to add pictures, text to the interface, this time we have to use UI. creat->uI, which has a variety of UI objects.