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The difference between posters and illustrations.
Posters are made for publicity, most of which are about the object’s activities and some commercial and other various aspects. Generally speaking, the more consistent feature of posters is that they all have two indispensable parts, namely location and time. Posters also need to highlight the focus to achieve to attract people’s attention and get better publicity effect.
Illustrations are commonly known as illustrations, and there are many aspects of illustrations. For example games, comics, calendars, advertisements, banners, and other aspects are very wide. It is characterized by its simplicity and clarity and visual effect. An illustration is an art form that serves as an important form of visual communication for modern design to reach intuitive imagery, a sense of real life, and an infectious sense of beauty. Illustrations usually have few words, and many of them can be said to have no fonts, which are more abstract compared to posters.
The difference between illustration and concept painting.
Concept paintings and illustrations are different in terms of their use. Today’s illustration has more commercial applications, such as film and television posters, book illustrations, and advertisements. The images are usually high precision and are rendered and refined to make them more complete and detailed. The role and purpose of illustration: illustration is to present the scenarios and plots described and designed by the text of novels and other novels to the readers in the form of pictures so that the readers can better understand and integrate the scenarios and plots described by the text, and also provide eye-catching publicity for the books and magazines.
The concept drawing is mainly for animation design and game design, the concept drawing is the key design draft, which plays a very important role in the animation and game process. The role and purpose of the concept painting: the concept painting of the game is to make the world described and designed by the planning with words, and make the specific image description of this world in the form of a picture, so as to provide the art basis and guidance for the game production.