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working “to make Steam Deck better in the months and years to come” APR 11, 2022


For more details, please see the resource:https://www.gamesradar.com/valve-says-its-still-working-to-make-steam-deck-better-in-the-months-and-years-to-come/

A month on from Steam Deck’s highly-anticipated release, Valve has released an update on what’s happened so far, and what’s still to come for owners of the mobile PC device.

“We started shipping Steam Deck(opens in new tab) just one month ago, and it’s been a huge thrill seeing it out in the wild in players’ hands,” Valve said(opens in new tab). “One of our favorite things about that is finally getting to hear from you about your experience using Steam Deck. This first month has given us a chance to start collecting your feedback as we continue our work to make Deck better in the months and years to come.



The update comes just a month after Valve confirmed that there were over 1000 “verified” Steam Deck games(opens in new tab) – that is, games that Valve has tested to ensure that they run without issues or bugs on its new handheld system – and now, Valve reports it has over 2000 games “Deck Verified”.

Post time: Apr-11-2022