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Traditional Game Companies Embrace Web3 Games, Paving the Way for a New Era

There's been some exciting news in the world of Web3 gaming recently. Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab has teamed up with Immutable, a Web3 gaming company, to create a powerful Web3 gaming platform, using Immutable's expertise and thriving ecosystem in the Web3 game development.

According to DappRadar data, Web3 gaming activity in Q2 2023 had an average of 699,956 daily Unique Active Wallets, accounting for 36% of the total industry participation, far ahead of other types of applications.


 The number of daily unique active wallets in Web3 gaming far surpasses that of other applications.

However, in the current market, there are not many Web3 games that are both fun and profitable. From 2021 until now, most Web3 games are produced based on block chain technology and economic models, while these games are criticized for the lack of engaging gameplay. The main appeal of these games to players is that in-game assets can be monetized: players purchase basic items to start the game and then sell the acquired in-game assets in the market. As a result, Web3 games are also known as Play To Earn (P2E) games. However, the encrypted assets in P2E games ultimately fall into a cycle of "supply exceeding demand", causing the price of assets to plummetand players to abandon the game.

Consequently, people who are optimistic about the Web3 gaming track are all calling for P2E games to enhance playability and hoping for the emergence of a Web3 game that perfectly combines game mechanics and economic models. Many of them are placing their hopes on traditional gaming giants.

Apart from Ubisoft, other game developers like Square Enix, NCSOFT, and Jam City have also recognized the growing momentum of Web3 games and have begun strategically positioning themselves in this thriving market.

According to current trends, 3A-level game development, immersive storylines, and excellent game experiences are very likely to be the direction for Web3 game development in the future. Sheer has participated in multiple 3A game projects with globally recognized game developers and has a full-cycle game production services including concept art, next-gen art, 3D animation and motion capture. With rich experience in producing diverse art content and collaborating with international clients, Sheer also aims to provide the best services for Web3 game development of various game developers.

Post time: Dec-05-2023