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SQUARE ENIX Confirmed the Release of New Mobile Game ‘Dragon Quest Champions’


    On 18th January 2023, Square Enix announced through their official channel that their new RPG game Dragon Quest Champions would be released soon. In the meantime, they disclosed their game’s pre-release screenshots to the public.


    The game is co-developed by SQUARE ENIX and KOEI TECMO Game. Compared with other games of the series, Dragon Quest Champions has a independent storyline and new characters.





    Dragon Quest Champions has kept the battle command-style fighting method. The main content of this game is chaotic fighting. Besides the regular PVE battle mode with monsters, it introduces a “venue mode”, which can take up to 50 players for real-time battles. In addition, the game has a story mode for players who prefer a standalone game. In story mode, players can experience chaotic battles with monsters and NPC together with online players.


    The Character’s level-up system is still the same as the traditional RPG games. As a mobile game, Dragon Quest Champions has added a “Lottery System” to help players get props more easily. In the ‘Lottery System’, players can pay for chances to lottery props, and make their characters level up faster. But the producer, Takuma Shiraishi, also mentioned in the show, to keep the game balance, the “Lottery System” wouldn’t affect the battle result in the game.


    Dragon Quest Champions’ launching day hasn’t been decided yet. The official has informed players that they will start the beta test from the 6th to the 13th of February. Otherwise, there will be opportunities to participate in the Bata test. When the official show starts, the game will  take on volunteers, and there will be 10,000 players to participate. We look forward to the release of Dragon Quest Champions



Post time: Feb-13-2023