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Sheer’s Lantern Festival Celebration: Traditional Games and Festive Fun

On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, the Lantern Festival marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. It's the first full-moon night of a lunar year, symbolizing fresh starts and the return of spring. Right after the fun-filled Spring Festival holiday, we came together to enjoy this lively festival.


The Lantern Festival, also known as the Shangyuan Festival, is a special day during which we engage in various activities, such as spending the full-moon night with our families, guessing lantern riddles, eating tangyuan (sweet rice balls), watching dragon lantern dance and walking on stilts. All of these activities carry our heartfelt wishes and eager anticipation for the New Year. This year, we organized an inspiring and interesting lantern riddles guessing game to celebrate it. Decorating with colorful lanterns and riddles, and preparing surprising prizes, Sheer wished everyone a successful and fulfilling year ahead.


People came together, got fully immersed in wonderful lantern scenery and intriguing riddles. Joyful laughter from the lucky prize winners attracted more pals to participate in the fun games.


Sheer is always delighted to witness and capture the delightful moments of each talent and is always dedicated to providing a happy, comfortable, and refreshing work environment for everyone. Inheriting and promoting traditional culture was also one of Sheer’s goals. We believe a deeper understanding of traditional culture will very much inspire artists with creative thoughts and a comprehensive artistic mindset. Therefore, we can showcase these captivating creations and exceptional talents on a more expansive global platform. 

Post time: Mar-13-2024