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Sheer’s Christmas and New Year Adventurous Event

To celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year, Sheer organized a festive event that beautifully blended Eastern and Western traditions, creating a warm and unique experience for every employee.


This was an amazing Christmas rendezvous for all. Artists at Sheer are always the dream-makers for gamers worldwide by creating numerous stunning game characters and environments. While this year, Sheer crafted a wonderful Christmas dreamland exclusively for them. Dressed up as jolly Santa, cute Christmas trees, and beautiful red-haired elves, we delivered sweet gifts to everyone.


Surprised by this event, everyone enthusiastically participated and captured photos with these casts to preserve this joyful moment.


Following Christmas, New Year's Day, is also the theme of this event. To embrace the spirit of the New Year, we adorned the surroundings with vibrant red window decorations, displayed traditional candy-coated hawthorn ornaments, distributed candies,and extended heartfelt New Year wishes to all.


Throughout the past year of 2023, our dedication and hard work are set to reap rewards. We cherish the significant "Sheer moments" of the past year. Filled with anticipation for the New Year, we have already set our New Year's resolutions early. In 2024, Sheer will remain committed to becoming the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for all games, with unparalleled achievement and happiness. Let us collaborate, strive for greater accomplishments, and make 2024 an incredible year! Happy New Year, everyone!

Post time: Jan-08-2024