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International Women’s Day: Caring for the Physical and Mental Health of Female Employees.

March 8th is the day for women worldwide. Sheer prepared the ‘Snack Packs’ as a special holiday treat for all female staff to show appreciation and express care. We also hosted a special session on "Keeping Women Healthy - Preventing Cancers" by a healthcare expert to promote wellness and happiness among our team. 


Sweet snacks give the body a sugar boost which can trigger dopamine release and lift the mood. Preparing a variety of tasty ‘Snack Packs’ carefully for all our female staff to relax and enjoy the office moments.


The purpose of the lecture is to encourage women to prioritize their health. For this reason, we have invited specialized physicians to deliver a speech on how to detect and prevent female diseases. We believe that good health is a crucial aspect whether you're working hard or enjoying life.


There are female employees at Sheer and they all play crucial roles in their respective positions. Sheer is committed to respecting women's innovative abilities in the gaming industry and strives to provide them with a fair and friendly work environment while safeguarding their legal rights as well. We offer additional care and support to boost their job satisfaction through improved welfare benefits and employee health initiatives. Additionally, more opportunities to support female employees will be offered continuously. We trust that they can shine brighter in both work and life!

Post time: Mar-29-2024