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Happy International Women’s Day! Sheer is proud of the incredible you!

Wishing all woman become the person they want to be! Happy International Women’s Day!

On International Women's Day, Sheer has prepared sweet presents and planned activities for female employees. We provide delicious milk tea for all female employees (more than 500 people), allowing everyone to enjoy a little sweetness and relaxation during busy work. Sheer girls spent some moment to enjoy manicure services and making flower decorations in the leisure area. It was fun, full of relaxation and friendly chats.

These welfare and activities not only strengthened the interaction and communication among workmates, but also made female employees feel the company's care and attention. In the future, Sheer will continue providing good welfare and relaxing activities for employees, allowing everyone to work and live happily. Let’s grow with SHEER together!


Post time: Mar-10-2023