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Sheer has participated in many AAA games and has rich project experience in binding, skinning, game hand K-motion, motion capture and data repair, special effects/Spine/Live 2D, etc. We can meet the strict technical requirements of our clients and realize all their ideas of game motion.
K-animation is a technique to make the character more performative in order to pursue the exaggeration of movement. Such as Pixar, DreamWorks 3d animation, and World of Warcraft fantasy games. Hand k-animation cannot achieve the realism of motion capture, and on the contrary, motion capture cannot achieve the performance of k-animation. The resulting two styles adapt to the different needs of the subject matter. It is not a matter of time, the point is that real human movement is very complex, and our brain may not be able to test imagination to k out all the real details in a simple action. However, there is no big difference in the time it takes to produce the same length of animation between k-animation and motion capture if there is a reference video. The key to motion capture being heavily used in animation is that it saves the time and cost of the step from shooting the reference video to the animator’s simulation.
Motion capture and hand K-motion
After Avatar, motion capture has entered a new era, from marketing gimmick to CG production standard, the comprehensive innovation of technology, so that motion capture technology is increasingly used in film and television, games, advertising, and other fields.
Due to the high cost of motion capture (hereinafter referred to as “motion complement”) equipment, which has many sensors, the price of a single sensor is 20,000 +. In the early years, there are not many companies equipped with dynamic complementary equipment, coupled with low labor costs, all most companies still choose to hand K action-based.
But with the development of technology, equipment is getting cheaper and cheaper, and the domestic games, film, and television market is becoming more and more substantial, many companies’ pockets are becoming more and more plentiful. Coupled with the rising cost of labor, so more and more mass production companies are choosing to move to fill.
Relatively speaking, the dynamic patch does improve the efficiency of the animator to some extent. Yes, you read it right, is to improve the efficiency of the animator. Because the data from dynamic patching can’t be directly used in the project, the interpolation between characters, slipping, stiffness, jitter, and other problems are not solved by the current technology.
At present, most of the domestic projects using dynamic patching are in the field of games and animation episodes, such as Wakamori Digital’s “Undesirable People” and Xuanji Technology’s “Qin Shi Ming Yue” and other such projects. The one that is used in high-quality projects is currently the “Miracle” made by Nanjing Force.
Animation episodes are generally starting to change weekly, that is, they have to do one episode a week. It’s hard for animators who can do a good job putting together such a large amount of animation, so using a dynamic patch is a good solution. In the past, an animator may only do one minute of animation a month, but an animator can increase the output by fixing the animation. And it will be very convenient to modify the program.
The advantages and disadvantages of dynamic patching as a technical product are
1) capture the rhythm and pose more realistic.
2) flexibility and convenience, debugging the equipment, the actor can capture data for a variety of scenarios in a day according to the requirements.
3) Increase production.
1) high cost of hardware, small companies are difficult to equip.
2) capture out of the action to be repaired, increasing secondary costs.
3) The captured data is not easy to modify.
4) Large limitations.
In general, motion capture as a technical product, or service to the arts, from the form of expression, the dynamic complement, and hand K to achieve different purposes: pursuit of the ultimate real and delicate, a pursuit of free and easy to perform the form.