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3D Environment

To build a virtual world, we need to build 3D Environment as a base. Sheer’s 3D Environment team is able to provide high-quality art product for game developers and support all types of development team to construct their dream virtual space. We have strong experience in AAA art production and all types of mobile art content. We use the most cutting-edge art pipeline and have strong internal QA/QC and Project Management system.

Our Next-gen environment team provide photo-realistic and stylized art content. Our modelers are amazing experts in building interior/exterior space, road/lane, landscape, hilly areas, forest, etc. Some of our texture artists are the best in this industry, with their profound knowledge and perception in perspectives, light, visual effect and materials. Otherwise, our lighting artists have full consideration about colors, strength, etc. Our Hard Surface team can cooperate with various game art styles, producing realistic, stylized, semi-realistic art content for Console, PC and Mobile titles. Our Level Team is able to help developers to express the whole game’s style and attitude.

We provide highest quality art assets for engines, fulfilling developer’s need in art and tech sides. With proper use of tools and efficient PBR pipeline, Sheer’s 3D Environment team can provide customized service for all games on all platforms from all over the world. Our artists can handle time difference and augmentation without any problem.

In the meantime, our 3D hand-painted environment team also achieve highly proficient techniques that we can strongly support development team to construct natural landscape and man-made environment. Our hand-painted artists can produce extremely immersive environment reflecting some special features in a virtual world. The concepts from developers can be realized from our low-poly modeling to final rendering products.

We have deep understanding about balancing needs on art details with limits of game tech, and can always make efficient use of poly count. We are able to save time on modeling and we have deep knowledge about game structure and modeling pipeline.

To ensure development team with most advanced technology in 3D art asset production, we follow the most cutting-edge pipelines in game industry. Our team have full consideration, high efficiency and amazing talent. No matter photo-realistic or stylized art style, we understand the need of development teams in both artistic and technical perspective. We welcome any opportunities to partner with you!