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Next Generation characters modeling creation/3D characters modeling creation

As a large-scale game art outsourcing company, with a brilliant and creative 3D art design team, Sheer creates the highest quality 3D art production for our clients. Our team of experts and artists who have been working on Game art for several years have laid a profound technical foundation for us. Our motion capture studio and 3D scanning studio, with leading international equipment, meet achieve the technological production goals of our clients. Our expert teams are highly experienced in different AAA game art designing and creation, which led to a high-quality aesthetic level. Meanwhile, our experience in producing games for multiple platforms (mobile phones (Android, Apple), PC (Steam, etc.), consoles (Xbox/PS4/PS5/SWITCH, etc.), handhelds, cloud games, etc.) and multiple genres has cultivated our capabilities in-game art project execution.
We provide our clients with the whole process service of 3D character production, including concept, 3D modeling, rigging, skinning, and character animation, we bring the vision of our clients about character design to life and create the best AAA characters that fit the game settings.
The production cycle of a 3D game character is about 1-1.5 months.
The concept artwork determines the tone of the game and it is directly linked to the game effect, style, details, and other requirements. It is quite an important part of the production of 3D game characters.
The next step after the concept design is to create the character model.
Generally, we build the medium model according to the body shape, outline, and other basic characteristics of the character in concept artwork first. Then, we will create the high model. The main function of the high model is to refine the details and materials of the character model.
The next step is low modeling. The low model is optimized to match the character’s outline, which would affect the subsequent character animation. After the creation, the model needs to be split into UV mapping. When a 3D model is split into 2D planes, the specific position of each plane corresponding to the 3D model is calculated by UV, which enables the mapping to accurately correspond to the model surface.
And then, it’s time to focus on the mapping, like PBR texture mapping. After the adjustments of the 3D model, the mapping is also part of the game art style (pixel, gothic, Korean, Japanese, ancient, simple, steam, European and American, illustration) and character art details. It requires a large number of high-definition materials. And the designer completed the production by himself. The next generation Games combine with the above mapping to achieve better character texture and performance.